It is the special history of Granada that has shaped the city with a great range of different arts and styles. You can find everything from Arab palaces to architectonic beauties from the renaissance.

If you want to feel the pulse of the city and sense the presence of history you will need to spent more than one day in Granada with all its beautiful attractions that includes a lot more than Alhambra, Generalife, the cathedral and Alcaiceria - a reconstructed Moorish bazaar that burnt down in 1843...

The main street is called Calle de los Reyes Catolicos and here you will find numerous shops and tapas bars. If you move further up the main street you will end up at Plaza Nueva which together with Plaza Bib-Rambla represents the two main squares in Granada. If you want to experience a piece of Marocco you stroll down Caldereria Nueva and Caldereria Vieja that lies in connection with Plaza Nueva. Here you will find tea rooms, cafes with Arabic sweets and hookahs, small shops with handicrafts and scented flowers and if you are hungry you can buy falafel in the small cafes.

Plaza Nueva also leads to Cuesta de Gomérez to the city's largest buildings: Alhambra and Genralife. On the ridge right opposite lies Albaicín - the rich neighborhood - with narrow paved alleys which are surrounded by tall white walls where an ocean of flowers overgrows the walls. A very special building style can be seen here with many small terraces and resting places where you can sit down for a while and enjoy the peculiar scents and sounds. It is a paradise for artists who will find new and exciting subjects on each corner. From the centrally located Mirador de San Nicolas - the lookout of San Nicola, it is possible to see a unique panorama over Alhambra with Sierra Nevada in the background.

La Alhambra, which means "the red one" after the mountains where it lies, is not only the most beautiful but also the oldest and best preserved Arab palace that exists. From the North you come in through "La Puerta de las Armas" or from the south through "La Puerta de la Justicia" from a small street that takes you through the ruins at a square where the first garden and Mosque is. If you get hungry underway and need a break you can enjoy a delightful Spanish meal in one of the restaurants in the bullfighting arena. The experience is one of a kind. The restaurants' big slanting lofts are in reality the underside of the grandstand. The food is good and plenty, but if you do not want a complete dinner menu ask for a glass of wine or beer with tapas. The arena lies only 10 minutes walk from the center and it is not a good idea to bring your own car.

Sierra Nevada consists of more than 20 mountain tops. They have height of over 3000 meters and are the second highest mountains in Europe, next after the Alps. On bright days you can even see Sierra Nevada from Africa. In the western part of Sierra Nevada's nature reserve is Sol y Nieve - sun and snow - which is the southernmost skiing area of Europe. The skiing season runs from November to April and there is app. 1.5 hours drive from the PanoramaHouse to the slopes. The Sierra Nevada area is besides skiing an Eldorado for nature lovers and for people who love climbing and hiking.

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