The old core of the city in Salobreña is impressively built on a mountain slope and lies as a maze of small painteresque white houses that account for the disctricts Brocal, Albycin, La Fuente and La Loma. This should be the first excursion stop after settling in at PanoramaHouse. You can walk around at will and without a map - either it goes up or down - and you will always come back to the starting point.

Salobreña surrounds the strategic important fortress  "Castillo" which towers from the top of the mountain, 105 meters from the sea level. It was built in the beginning of the 10th century by the Moors and every year it is visited by thousands of tourists who besides the fortress experience are rewarded with a magnificent view of the ocean and the coast down to Almuñecar.

Beneath  "Castillo" lies the parish church "La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Rosario" that was built in the Moorish style. The church was built in the same spot where the old Mosque from the 16th century was and the narrow flower filled paths between the whitewashed houses carries on the history from centuries ago.

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of Salobreña a visit to the city museum would be an experience in itself. You will find it in connection with the public library and with modern visual aids it is presented how Salobreña was once an island until the rivers gradually deposited sediment and created a tremendous delta. Together with the special climate of the area it explains why a flood of crops like sugar canes exists here.

Thus, Salobreña is also characterized by its broad sandy beaches which are almost in the city. Here you will find the numerous "Chiringuitos" (beach bars) that offer the guests delicious summer drinks under the umbrella and in the center of the city you will find numerous popular restaurants and bars where the locals and the tourists enjoy themselves side by side. When you stop to enjoy a drink it is always accompanied by tapas which is typical a free gesture in the region. Tapas are a small versatile piece of heaven. Among other things fish, shrimps, Spanish sausage, Serrano Ham or Manchego cheese is typically served with them.

Salobreña also has numerous shops and supermarkets and as any Spanish city or village Salobreña it has a large amount of traditional parties and masses. "Semana Santa" (holy week) from the 24th to the 29th of June is worth experiencing as you will want to see how they manage to carry "tronos" up and down the small, sloppy streets to celebrate their San Juan and San Pedro. In October they have a festival in honor of the "Virgin of the Rosario" which is the guardian angel of the city.