If you choose PanoramaHouse as your holiday destination you have chosen one of the most fashionable areas on the tropical coast - Costa Tropical. We are in the region of Andalusia and in the province of Granada, which is known for the free tapas every time you order a drink. This is a lovely custom that also induce you to try the numerous, tasty regional dishes that the cooks try to outdo each other with.

The most attractive part of this pristine region is that you do not get disturbed by overexposed mass tourism. The characteristic Spanish flavor is preserved in this region. So if you want to relax with endless beaches and clear water, a blue sky, lots of sun and an abundance of leisure activities...then you have chosen right, when you choose PanoramaHouse.

Interesting cities and places 

When you finally are on holiday you first and foremost want to relax and enjoy life. Here are a few tips on what you can do when enjoying your holiday at PanoramaHouse. To see what is going on in the region of Costa Tropical and in some of the most interesting cities along the coast click the links below:

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